CH Xanadu's How The West Was Won
(GCH CH Sonora's Fenix Rising To Xanadu x Xanadu's Goldstorm At Sunrise)
"John Wayne"
xanadu goldens xanadu goldens john wayne

OFA GR-107004G24M-VPI
OFA GR-CA23416/28M/C-VPI
JohnWayne is a true Golden's Golden Retriever and loves to do all the things that Golden Retrievers should do. There is no place that he would rather be than right here, as long as that is where you are. He is active, and playful, energetic in the field but bidable and calm in the house. From his papa Flyer (GCG Sonora's Fenix Rising To Xanadu) he has inherited a storyteller's persona, and upon greeting one after an absence, whether short or long, he is not content or satisfied until he has given you a big hug and told a story containing all the details of his day.

JohnWayne finished his championship easily before he was two. Out for only five months with handler Rebecca Heimann, finishing by being chosen for the first cut in Breed at the Golden Retriever National in 2012 (1 week after completing his championship). He is taking a year off to finish growing up and perhaps investigate some performance activities before he begins his career as a Special. JohnWayne has a masculine headpiece, large with a wide deep muzzle and broad backskull, dark pigment and a soft alert expression. He is a heavy-boned, deep-bodied dog and carries an abundant coat year round, especially for a southwestern dog. His front assembly is one of his strongest attributes:;he has an exceptional shoulder, upper arm and forechest. He's clean coming and going with beautiful side gait, equal reach and drive, effortless movement and is very light on his feet. He's a real joy to watch on the move. JohnWayne has good length of neck that blends into well layed back shoulders. He is short in loin with medium length of back and a correct tail set. He has a scissors bite with full dentition and no dropped incisors.
Below are pictures of JohnWayne showing, working, playing, and relaxing
xanadu goldens John Wayne John Wayne enjoying a day at the beach xanadu goldens Xanadu's John Wayne John Wayne having fun in the sand xanadu goldens John Wayne John Wayne relaxing in the sun xanadu goldens John Wayne John Wayne is a finished Champion xanadu goldens John Wayne John Wayne takes his second major.
xanadu goldens John Wayne and Flyer John Wayne (right) with his sire, Flyer. xanadu goldens John Wayne John Wayne at the Golden Retriever National Specialty with his handler Rebecca Heimann.
He made the first cut just five days after finishing his championship and not even 2 years old!
xanadu goldens John Wayne xanadu goldens John Wayne xanadu goldens John Wayne