About Us
The Rungers'
Our first two goldens came to us through the daughter of a friend and were chosen because they were the only two girls in the litter. The love of these two golden girls led to me to a deeper interest in the breed, to include health and longevity issues. I eventually began competing in obedience with goldens I had bred, earning several titles and gaining insight into the incredible versatility and trainability of these wonderful dogs. It seemed a natural progression to begin showing our lovely dogs in the breed ring. Puppies from our kennel have become service dogs, therapy dogs, search and rescue dogs, and of course, loyal, loving, and beautiful family companions.

We strive always to breed healthy, beautiful, versatile dogs that meet the breed standard with the fun-loving yet biddable temperament that makes a dog a golden retriever. As part of our continuing interest and concern about the health issues facing our breed, our pregnant bitches and their fetuses are exposed to no ionizing radiation (xrays). We are committed to feeding naturally sourced, species appropriate, raw food, do not over-vaccinate, and minimize chemical exposures of all kinds.

Our dogs are whelped and raised in our home; never kenneled, an integral part of our daily lives. They experience children, multiple dogs, all sorts of normal household noises, and regular grooming. As a member of the Golden Retriever Club of America, I support and follow the guidelines which have been established to avoid transmission of heritable disorders in our breed. These include yearly eye exams/c ertifications, and Orthopedic Foundation For Animals (OFA) heart, hip, and elbow clearances on the dogs we breed. Xanadu goldens can go anywhere and do whatever is asked of them with grace, style, and of course, golden joy.